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Ryder Fieri has gained significant popularity as a well-known American teenage personality, largely attributed to his famous father, Guy Fieri, a renowned chef in the United States. He has amassed a substantial fan base as a result.


Ryder Fieri wiki and biography

Ryder Fieri, the celebrity son, was born in the USA on December 31, 2005, at Santa Rosa Hospital, as confirmed by official records. As of 2020, he was 15 years old.

He belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign, which is associated with the Earth element. Currently, he is enrolled in high school and is on track to graduate with his diploma in North California.

Physical Appearance

Ryder Firri physical appearance height and weight

  • Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 centimeters).
  • Weight: 56 kg (121 pounds).
  • Hair color: Light brown.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Body type: Straight.


Parents & Siblings

Ryder Fieri Family

Ryder’s parents are Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri. This American teenager also has an older brother named Hunter Fieri, with whom he shares a strong bond. His grandparents are Jim Fieri and Penelope Fieri. Ryder’s ethnicity is of white background.

Ryder Fieri with his father Guy Fieri and brother Hunter Fieri

Ryder Fieri was born into a prominent celebrity family, with his father being a renowned television personality. Guy Fieri, his dad, is a well-known chef, journalist, television host, and the owner of a restaurant in Santa Rosa. The Fieri family has a rich history in the food industry, with their culinary traditions passed down through generations. One of their notable contributions to the TV industry is the show “Dive,” in which they played a significant role.

Ryder Fieri personal lifeConsequently, Ryder Fieri enjoyed a comfortable upbringing, well-cared for by his parents, who are respectively 49 and 53 years old. They also openly share their personal lives on the internet.


Jim and Lory’s love story began in their twenties when they first laid eyes on each other at a California restaurant. Their connection was immediate, leading to their marriage in 1995. Their family grew with the arrival of their first son, Hunter, in 1996, and their youngest, Ryder, in 2005.

Jim and Lory’s love story began in their twenties when they first crossed paths at a California restaurant. Their initial meeting sparked a deep connection, leading to their marriage in 1995. Their first child, Hunter, arrived in 1996, followed by their youngest son, Ryder, in 2005.

Various Reality Shows & Net worth

Ryder Fieris father Guy Fieri making dishes in a TV show

Guy Ramsay is a renowned TV host who owns three restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, and California. He’s also known for his exceptional culinary skills, which he developed during his studies in France. His passion for food blossomed at a young age and has been a driving force in his career.

He began his career during his school years by selling pretzels. Following his graduation in 1990 with a degree in Hotel Management, he assumed the role of a manager at a California restaurant called Stouffers.

Johnny’s Garlic, a chain of restaurants, expanded to six different locations across America. Guy’s American Kitchen gained recognition in the New York Times Square top restaurant rankings, catapulting him to worldwide fame as a superchef and successful entrepreneur.

Ryder Fieris brother Hunter and father Guy appearing as a lead role in a European vacation
Ryder Fieri’s brother Hunter and father Guy appearing as a lead role in a European vacation

Following his rise to fame, Guy assumed the role of host in a variety of TV shows, including “Guy’s Big Bites,” “Ultimate Recipe Showdown,” and “Dive Ins.” In “Guy’s Big Bites,” viewers witnessed the active participation of his children, Hunter and Ryder, as they assisted their father in preparing dishes. Ryder, even as a child, took pride in showcasing the finished dishes to television networks.

Ryder Fieris father Guy as a host in Guys big bites

Ryder quickly gained renown for the Fiery family’s distinctive perspectives, spearheading the promotion of their various television programs. He embarked on his journey with the “Guy’s Family Cruise,” a documentary series delving into the lives of the Fiery family.

Following this, he made four appearances on “Guy’s Big Bites,” a show that aired until 2016. Additionally, he starred in a family vacation movie where they explored over 13 European countries, savoring the local cuisine along the way.

The TV show gained immense popularity in the entertainment industry and achieved a rating of 5.9 on IMDb. Following that success, there was a family road trip that showcased remarkable dishes and places visited by Ryder and his family to promote them. This mini-series also garnered a rating of 6.6 on IMDb.

Ryder Fieris presented foods in Diner dines

Ryder Fieri, a young celebrity, made seven memorable appearances on the popular show “Diner Dive-Ins,” garnering tremendous applause from the audience each time. Throughout the series, he took on various roles, including being a food taster, handling home deliveries, and even hosting watch parties. As of 2020, Ryder Fieri’s estimated net worth stood at approximately $100,000 USD.

10 Random Facts about Ryder Fieri

  • Guy’s grocery games made him 7 times in the show.

Ryder Fieri with his fathers Guys grocery games

  • He has no IG account yet.
  • His brother Hunter earned 63.7k followers on Instagram.
  • Guy also earned Ema’s award for his role in the food industry.
  • Recently, Guy also has a Christmas bonus on his new TV show Guys Grocery.

Ryder Fieris surprise in Guys grocery games

  • Ryder Fieri also spent a lovable Christmas vacation with his family.

Ryder Fieri enjoying surfing with his parents

  • This child is also fond of surfing.

Ryder Fieri in a photosghoot with his brothers friends

  • The child is also fond of looking to NBA all-stars.
  • No news has been found about Ryder Fieri’s dating life.
  • The 15-years-old personality is having the best time of the life where he gets to travel different parts of the world and also got featured in numerous shows at this young age.

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