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Kesley LeRoy is a popular YouTuber known for her self-titled channel, where she shares and promotes videos. She gained fame for her accurate family videos, which have garnered over 542,000 subscribers as of December 2020.


Kesley LeRoy wiki and bio
Kesley LeRoy’s childhood picture

Kesley LeRoy, a young YouTuber, was born on December 23, 2003, in Utah, USA. As of 2020, she is only 17 years old. Kesley’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, which corresponds to the constellation of the horned goat, Capricornus. Capricorn occupies the degrees between 270 and 300 in the zodiac.

Kesley, who attends a middle school in Utah, has always displayed a remarkable sense of responsibility, taking care of her family from a young age. She effortlessly handles challenging situations and has garnered a significant following on social media, attracting numerous fans.

Physical Appearance

Kesley LeRoy height and weight

  • Height: 5 ft 5 in (165.1 cm).
  • Weight: 53 kg (116 lbs).
  • Hair color: Blonde.
  • Eye color: Green.
  • Body type: Banana.


Parents & Siblings

Kesley LeRoy with her mother Shanna LeRoy wikicelebs
Kesley LeRoy with her mom Shanna LeRoy

Kesley Leroy with her mom Shanna Leroy. Kesley was accurately taken care of by her parents namely Cory LeRoy her father and Shanna LeRoy her mother.

Kesley LeRoy with her father Cory LeRoy wikicelebs
Kesley LeRoy with her dad Cory LeRoy

She also got siblings as Perre LeRoy and Resse LeRoy as her younger sisters and Rhett LeRoy as her younger brother. This family has also got an adopted child named Lily.

Kesley LeRoy with her siblings Perre LeRoy and Resse LeRoy in a park wikicelebs

The ethnicity of Kesley LeRoy is white in nature.

Personal Life

Kesley LeRoy with expressing a grief over the loss of her younger brother Logan wikicelebs
Kesley LeRoy expressed grief over the loss of her younger brother Logan

Despite facing numerous challenges, Kesley LeRoy showed tremendous resilience when she experienced the tragic loss of her six-month-old brother, Logan. During this difficult period, Kesley emerged as a pillar of support for her parents, offering comfort and solace as they grieved. Kesley’s deep affection for her younger siblings is evident in her unwavering dedication to meeting their every need.

Romantic Life & Partner

Kesley LeRoy with her boyfriend Chad Franke wikicelebs
Kesley LeRoy and her boyfriend Chad Franke

Initially, Kesley had plans to enter into a romantic relationship with her 17-year-old boyfriend, Carson Johns. Carson, an internet sensation in his own right, gained popularity by sharing insightful content on his YouTube channel, where he discusses the do’s and don’ts for teenagers.

Carson has 812k subscribers on his channel. They broke up due to personal life which was never revealed to the audience.

Kesley LeRoy with her boyfriend Boston Mickshell wikicelebs
Kesley LeRoy shared a picture with her partner Boston Mickshell on her IG account

Later, rumors circulated on the internet suggesting that Chad Franke had entered Kesley LeRoy’s life. Although these claims remained unverified, Chad Franke, a sincere and genuine individual with 150k subscribers on his channel, found himself at the center of attention. Meanwhile, amidst all these allegations, Boston Mikeshell released a video asserting that Kesley LeRoy was his girlfriend.

Internet Career & Net worth

Kesley’s career skyrocketed on social platforms when her mother, Shanna, uploaded their first YouTube video titled “Meet, My Family.” In this video, Shanna introduced each family member with their original names, resembling the style of character introductions seen in movies. The video was released on their channel called “The Leroys.”

Kesley LeRoy as one of the finest Youtubers in the Internet wikicelebs

This channel is a family-oriented platform that showcases the everyday lives of a family. It covers a wide range of topics, including popular trends, travel experiences, educational content, teenage lifestyle, pranks, funny videos, and daily household activities. Additionally, the channel features fitness activities and emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet. Cory, the family leader, incorporates fitness routines into the videos, providing viewers with a fitness curriculum to follow.

Kesley LeRoy sharing her photo with her younger sister Resse LeRoy wikicelebs

Kesley launched her personal YouTube channel on July 30, 2017, and quickly gained a significant following, thanks to her unique content focused on parenting. On her channel, she predominantly showcases her impressive dancing skills while occasionally surprising her audience with rare pranks and engaging challenges. Some of her most popular videos include “Kesley’s High School Adventure,” “Kesley’s Daring Escape,” “Kesley’s Dance Competition,” and numerous others.

Kesley LeRoy, a popular social personality, gained immense recognition on the Internet through her engaging videos on various topics, such as “Types of Drivers” and “Types of tricks on theaters.” Her presence on TikTok and YouTube, where she shares short videos, has garnered her significant respect online. As of 2020, Kesley LeRoy’s net worth stands at $600K USD.

12 Random Facts about Kesley LeRoy

  • The channel of this Youtuber is Kesley Jade[1].
  • The most-watched video on her channel is “TYPES OF TRICK-OR-TREATERS” which came out on November 01, 2018.
  • It received over 2.2 million views within a few weeks of its upload.

Kesley LeRoy after getting promoted to 11th class wikicelebs

  • Recently, she went to the 11th standard at her school[2].

Kesley LeRoy being expert in riding bikes and rides them in her leisure times wikicelebs

  • Kesley is also an expert in riding bikes.
  • This person has also earned 336k subscribers on Instagram.
  • Kesley LeRoy is also fond of foods and also posted for the urger challenge.

Kesley LeRoy sharing her photo in a sunset with Boston Mickshell wikicelebs

  • She has great respect for nature and posted a scenic beauty of sunset in her IG profile.

Kesley LeRoy sharing her Clifford car wikicelebs

  • This Youtuber also has Clifford’s car with her.
  • Her personal merchandise is also available separately as a website.
  • Kesley also likes to travel all around the globe.

Kesley LeRoy with her pet Brock wikicelebs

  • She also has a pet dog named Brock.

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