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Cari Cakes is a rising star in the world of the internet and YouTube. Hailing from Korea, she has now made California, United States of America her home, where she pursues her dreams as a blogger, vlogger, and content creator.

Cari’s most popular YouTube video revolves around the topic of apartment hunting in Seoul. The video provides valuable insights and tips on what to consider when searching for an apartment in the vibrant city of Seoul, located in South Korea. Cari firmly believes that her true calling lies in content creation, as she discovers a profound sense of serenity and enthusiasm while producing videos.

Cari Cake Wiki Bio Age
Cari Cakes has over 210+ K subscribers on her self-entitled channel

She is among the crowd of those YouTubers who make videos for their living while getting her most of the earnings from the platform itself.


The exact date of birth of this internet sensation can’t be traced. But while looking at her face we can say that she is in her early 20s which makes her be born in the 1990s.

Cari Cakes was born to undisclosed parents, whose identities have not been revealed. She chooses to keep her family out of the public eye, and therefore, no further information is available except for her place of birth.

Cari Cake while being a toddler
Cari Cakes while being a toddler

According to the information available, Cakes was born in Seoul and later moved to New York with her parents, who hoped for a brighter future in the country. Recently, a cake was delivered to her hometown in Seoul.

Cari Cakes picture while being a kid
Cari Cakes picture while being a kid

There is no such information regarding her early life if she shared her childhood with any of her brother(s) or sister(s).


  • Full name: Cari.
  • Stage name: Cari Cakes.
  • Birth Year: 1990s.
  • Birthplace: Seoul, Korea.
  • Current City: California, USA.
  • Age: Early 20s.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual.
  • Nationality: Korean-American.
  • Ethnicity: White.
  • Religion: Catholic.


  • Father: Name not available (Fire Fighter).
Cari Cakes father
Cari Cakes’ daddy
  • Mother: Housemaker.
Cari Cake pictured along with her mother
Cari Cakes pictured along with her mom


  • Brother: will update soon.
  • Sister: Unknown.


  • Highest Qualification: Graduate.
  • College/University: Elite College in New York.

Social Media Accounts

Dating Life, Marriage, & Spouse

Several years ago, Cari Cakes, a well-known figure in the Korean beauty industry, entered into matrimony. The exact timeline of her marriage remains undisclosed. Prior to tying the knot, Cake’s current spouse had been her long-term boyfriend, and they enjoyed a lengthy courtship before embarking on their journey as husband and wife.

Cari Cake posing along with her husband Sympha Kurt
Cari Cakes posing along with her hubby Sympha Kurt

After completing the necessary paperwork at the registrar’s office, the couple officially sealed their union. Subsequently, they indulged in a delightful photoshoot on their wedding day. Following the capturing of beautiful moments, they enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at a nearby café before embarking on a leisurely exploration of various dog-friendly cafes in the city.

This lovely pair planned a big marriage bash on the 10th anniversary for themselves, while Cari is already designing her own customized wedding dress.

  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Past Affairs: Will update soon.
  • Boyfriend: Unknown.
  • Eating Habits: Non-Vegan.
Cari Cakes diet
Cari Cakes’ diet
  • Husband: Sympha Kurt.
  • Pets: Dog.
  • Language Known: Korean, and English.

Favorite Things

  • Hobbies: Travelling and making videos.
Cari Cakes while shooting her travel vlogs
Cari while shooting her travel vlogs
  • Holidays: Venice, Paris, Japan.
  • Cuisine: Sea Food, Sushi, Rice balls.

Cari Cakes food habits

  • Books: The Book of Joy, Black Flower, The Historian, and The Alienist.
Cari Cakes goodreads
Cari Cakes’ Goodreads
  • Movies: Parasite.
Cari Cakes favorite movie is Parasite
Cari Cakes’ favorite movie is Parasite
  • Singers: Mana, and Yelle.
  • Beverages: Coffee, Fruit Beers.
  • Brand: Klairs.

Physical Stats & More

This Instagram influencer boasts a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters), standing tall. Her complexion is remarkably fair, complemented by naturally rosy peach-colored cheeks. She possesses captivating hazel eyes and a flowing mane of long, silky red hair that falls gracefully to a medium length.

Cari Cakes possesses a slim neck and body, with a weight of approximately 50 kilograms (110 pounds). This popular YouTuber boasts a figure that can be described as banana-shaped, striking a harmonious balance between not being excessively thin or overweight. Cari Cakes embodies a perfect fusion of beauty and intelligence.

Cari Cake Height Weight
Cari Cakes figure statistics

As an ectomorph, she indulges in a variety of junk food like rice balls, burgers, and pizza, but her body type prevents significant weight gain.

Nevertheless, Cari fully understands that being slender doesn’t necessarily equate to being physically fit. Therefore, she remains diligent with her workout routines and never trivializes her health. She reveres her body as a sacred temple, acknowledging that it is her sole responsibility to maintain its well-being.


  • In Feet & Inches: 5’ 5”
  • Centimeter: 165 cm.
  • Meters: 1.65 m.


  • In Kilograms: 50 kg.
  • Pound: 110 lb.

Body Stats

  • Eye color: Green.
  • Hair color: Red.
  • Skin Color: Very fair.
  • Hair type: Straight.
  • Body type: Banana.
  • Figure measurements: 32-28-32.
  • Tattoo: Yes, a three petal clover on her right wrist.

YouTube Profession & Journey

Cari Cakes embarked on her career by diving into the realm of YouTube, which has become an increasingly popular choice among millennials today. However, Cari sets herself apart from the typical crowd of YouTubers, as she possesses an innate sense of purpose when it comes to creating videos. It seems as though she was destined to pursue this creative path.

In September 20, 2016, she made her YouTube debut with a video titled “My YG Entertainment Internship in Seoul.”

With a global subscriber count of over 210k, she has garnered a significant following on her YouTube platform. Over the course of three years, she has managed to upload a total of 200 videos. One notable video that stands out is her 2018 release on September 5th, showcasing an affordable apartment available for rent at just $500. This particular video has gained the highest number of views among her content.

Here are some of her popular and successful videos:

  1. “Living in a Tiny House In Seoul” (2020) – This video showcases her experience of living in a small house in Seoul.
  2. “My Seoul Office Tour + Non-Teaching Jobs” (2018) – In this video, she gives a tour of her office in Seoul and discusses non-teaching job opportunities.
  3. “Getting a Perm + Haircut Again in Hongdae” (2020) – This video documents her visit to a hair salon in Hongdae, where she gets a perm and a haircut.

Cari Cake profession

She possesses a profound appreciation for aesthetics, evident in her Instagram account that boasts an exquisite collection of stunning visual compositions. The arrangement of her beautiful aesthetic pictures is truly remarkable, captivating viewers with their captivating alignment. The way she presents her images is simply mesmerizing, leaving individuals in awe and exclaiming in admiration as they browse through her posts.

  • Profession: YouTuber, and Instagrammer.
Cari Cake is famous YouTuber and an Instagram personality
Cari Cakes is a famous YouTuber and an Instagram personality
  • First video: My YG entertainment internship in Seoul.
  • Most watched video: $500 Korean apartment tour
  • No. of subscribers: 210k
  • Net Worth: US$ 1-5 Million.
  • Income Source: Ad-sense and YouTube streaming.
  • House: a lavish apartment in New York.

Other Random Information about Cari Cakes

  • The young internet celebrity made her debut on the platform of Instagram on 12th April 2012 and she uploaded a back picture of a man moving on the road.
Cari Cakes first post over Instagram
Cari Cakes’ first post over Instagram
  • In the year 2019 which was proved to be the best year of Cari’s life at that time on 9th September, she got the Silver Button from YouTube declaring that she got 100k subscribers on her channel.
Cari Cake got her first silver button from YouTube
Cari Cakes got her first silver button from YouTube
  • The book which did a great change in the life of Cari is written by Nancy Drew and it is titled as The secret of the Old Clock and originally published in 1930.
  • It is about a girl Nancy who goes out of her ways to provide monetary help to the destitute family in the city.
  • Cari stated that she had grown up without the effects of technology as she was not having any video games and even she was not much interested in TV.
  • Cari Cakes said that whereas our lives have been made easy with the up-gradation in technology. It has even made people far from each other emotionally and mentally.
Cari Cake in house picnics
Cari Cakes in house picnics
  • Everyone is stuck inside their homes during this worldwide lockdown and are finding new hobbies in order to entertain themselves.
  • Therefore, Cari started learning painting in order to make her time more productive. As a child, she always wanted to learn this art by heart.
  • She is really fond of music and some of her favorite singers are named as Mana and Yelle.

  • Cari had also tried into the areas of becoming a freelancer as she owns some of those skills which may get her some extra sort of jobs to keep herself engaged.
  • In addition, the YouTube star once told her fans that if she ever wanted to resettle herself out of her native place then it would be Gangeung.
  • Cari Cake owns a guitar that she loves to play while being at home along with her lover and her pet dog.
  • The internet star is a dog lover and claimed that she would rather have 3-4 dogs than to have kids.
Cari Cakes pet dog
Cari’s pet dog
  • This lady had developed an insatiable trust for book reads.
  • Her favorites are Murder on Black Swan by Andrea Penrose, Shades of Magic Series by Elizabeth Kostova, All These Wonders by The Moth, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, etc.

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