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Elliott Spencer is widely known as the partner of the renowned comedian personality Stephen Fry, who has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting skills. Stephen Fry’s fame extends to his role as a host at the British Academy Awards, cementing his name in the public eye.

Elliott Spencer Wiki


Elliott Spencer Wiki and age

Born in Dereham, United Kingdom, in May 1987, Elliott Spencer bears the zodiac sign of Capricorn and is currently 43 years old. His educational background remains undisclosed, but it is possible that he completed his graduation at a local college in Dereham.

Physical appearance

  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).
  • Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs).
  • Hair color: Black.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Sexuality: Homosexual.


Elliott Spencer’s parents are Robert Spencer (father) and Melinda Spencer (mother). No information about his siblings has become widely known, suggesting he may not have had any blood-related siblings. His ethnicity is of Caucasian descent.

Personal Affairs & Spouse

Elliott Spencer as a wife of Stephen Fry
Elliott Spencer is best known as a partner of Stephen Fry

As a child, Spencer had a strong affinity for comedic shows, particularly those with a humorous tone. He was particularly drawn to the roles played by clowns, which greatly influenced his aspirations to become a comedian himself. Despite pursuing a career in comedy, he also managed to maintain a commendable level of responsibility towards his personal life and took care of his parents without any public criticism or scandal associated with their names. In this regard, Elliot was the one who courageously ensured that Spencer’s parents’ reputation remained untarnished.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry as a happy couple in the picture

Elliott Spencer gained public attention when he openly acknowledged his relationship with a prominent UK personality, none other than Stephen Fry. Despite a significant age gap of 30 years between them, the same age as Elliott’s father, Elliott had no reservations about sharing his life with Stephen.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry dating with each other

The young man was quite open with his parents, and when he shared it with his father, Robert expressed his delight in seeing his son so involved with Stephen. He was truly amazed by their engagement.

Furthermore, they proposed to the other one with an engagement ring.

Elliott and Stephen’s relationship began in 2013 when they first met at a wedding in Dereham. Elliott shared that being with Stephen made him feel more at ease with his career and life, and Stephen provided valuable guidance to help him achieve further milestones in his life.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry married privately
Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry married privately

They secretly exchanged vows in 2015, concealing the true date from the public eye to safeguard their privacy. On January 17th, the couple officially wed in Dereham, Norfolk, and began their shared journey, cherishing their individual paths in life.

Professional Life & Net worth

Elliott Spencer currently possesses a wealth of $100,000 USD. During a phase of his career, Spencer gained significant recognition as a comedian in the UK and enjoyed the Midas touch of Stephen. To this day, Elliott has taken on a special gratitude role on Stephen’s live show stage.

Elliott Spencer acting as a cameo in the Stephen live show

Stephen began his career in 1982 with a prominent role in “The Cellar Tapes.” His outstanding performance in this show caught the BBC’s special attention, leading to his appearance in a program titled “There’s Nothing to Worry About.”

Elliott Spencers lovable partner Stephen Fry as a lead role in The cellar tapes

This show caught everyone’s eyes in Britain and made him a star overnight. After this, he acted on Young ones, The Happy family series.

Elliott Spencers husband Stephen Fry as a lead character in The Crystal Cube
Elliott Spencer’s husband Stephen Fry as a lead character in The Crystal Cube

This renowned actor, who played a prominent role in the Blackadder series and created his own television show titled The Crystal Cube[1], is also known for his notable comedic works such as Yonderlands and Holy Flying Circus.

Fry’s versatile acting career extended beyond comedy, encompassing notable appearances in dramas like “The Borrowers” and “The Red,” which showcased his iconic artistic prowess in the world of theater. Additionally, he delved into documentary filmmaking with productions centered around his own life, including the Emmy Award-winning “The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive” in 2006.

11 Random Facts about Elliott Spencer 

  • Elliott’s husband Stephen also had written several plays that include the Latin that won the Fringe first prize.

Elliott Spencers husband Stephen Fry winning several awards under his name

  • Stephen also won the Attitude awards for his self excellency in various aspects of his career.
  • He also did standup shows in the precious Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • Fry has 562K followers on Instagram.

Elliott Spencers lovable partner Stephen Fry as a voice artist in Sherlock Holmes

  • Stephen also made several audiobooks that also include the audiobooks of Sherlock Holmes as a definitive collection.

Elliott Spencers lover Stephen Fry in a voicing role of Harry porter

  • The veteran comedian also did voicing in the Harry Potter video games.

Elliott Spencers partner Stephen Fry as a writer in The Guardian

  • Currently, Fry is visible as a writer in The Guardian magazine in every Saturday edition.
  • Elliott Spencers’ husband was also associated with the Norwich City football club as its director.

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry going to Eugenies marriage ceremony

  • They also visited the wedding of Princess Eugenie in England.

Elliott Spencers lovable partner Stephen Fry watching Wimbledon championship

  • Both the person has a great interest in Tennis and also watched the Wimbledon championship.
  • They also attended the Ronnie Barker comedy lecture with the assistance of the BBC broadcasting unit.

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