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Bastian Yotta is a notable entrepreneur who overcame challenges to establish himself as a prominent figure among millionaires. He has made a significant impact in the cosmetic industry and is well-recognized in Los Angeles. Born in Germany, he relocated to LA to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Bastian Yotta is fond of Traveling

His fame skyrocketed when he tied the knot with the renowned figure Maria Hering in Germany. Today, he enjoys immense wealth and is known for his impressive collection of luxury cars.

A fabulous backview of the car of Bastian Yotta


Bastian Yotta Wiki Bio Age

Born on December 4, 1976, in Landshut, Germany, Bastian Yotta is a well-known personality. As of 2020, he was 44 years old and belonged to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. In his earlier years, he pursued studies in Business Administration, Law, Sport Science, and insurance.

An old childhood picture of Bastian Yotta
An old childhood picture of Bastian Yotta

Bastian received his education at a German local school and currently operates a company named Inskin Skincare LTD, situated in Los Angeles, California.

Physical Appearance

Bastian Yotta is a German Businessperson

During his early years, Bastian had a heavier and unique physique, which made him stand out. However, as time passed, he decided to focus on his physical health and began attending a gym.

  • Height: 188 cm.
  • Weight: 80 kg.
  • Body Type: Muscular.

Bastian Yotta Height Weight Body Statistics

  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Hair color: Dark Brown.

Family and Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Joseph Gillmeir, his father, has been a steadfast pillar of support throughout his career, unwaveringly standing by him in every situation. As of now, Joseph Gillmeir is 65 years old. However, despite extensive internet research, information about his mother and siblings remains elusive.

Bastian Yotta identifies with White ethnicity and recently expressed his deep affection for his grandparents through a heartfelt Instagram post.

Bastian Yotta with his grandparents


The 44-year-old entrepreneur is among America’s most accomplished business leaders, having immigrated from Germany. During his early years, he faced financial hardship and struggled with weight issues, lacking motivation for strenuous work. However, one pivotal day, he established clear goals and a vision to attain the extravagant lifestyle depicted in Baywatch.

From a fatty person to a muscular physique of Bastian Yotta
From a fatty person to a muscular physique of Bastian Yotta

Following his graduation in Business Administration, Bastian initially joined his father’s insurance company as an insurance broker. However, he grew increasingly frustrated with his low income and decided to channel his efforts into becoming an entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry.

Bastian Yotta hobbies

Yotta led a lavish lifestyle and possessed an extensive car collection. His flamboyant demeanor was not well-received by the German public, prompting his relocation to Los Angeles in 2014. Accompanied by his wife, he gained even greater fame in his new environment.

Car collection of Bastian Yotta
Car collection of Bastian Yotta

In January 2015, Bastian Yotta made his debut as an author with the release of his first book titled “Mond Slimming,” which focused on effective weight loss methods. During the same year, he garnered significant acclaim for his extravagant lifestyle, which included a lavish villa and an impressive fleet of cars, all prominently featured on his social media profiles.

Bastian Yotta published a book named The Yotta Bibel

He gained swift recognition in American magazines, notably appearing in “The Fabulous Life of Yottas” magazine, where he and his partner were showcased as female fitness trainers.

They both claimed to be self-made millionaires and operated under the brand name “Yotta” for all their products and coaching services. According to reports as of 2020, Bastian Yotta’s estimated net worth stood at $1.2 billion USD.

Married Life, Spouse & Kids

Bastian Yotta tied the knot with Maria at the young age of 21. Their paths crossed in a Munich restaurant when Bastian was 27, while Maria was pursuing a career as a training teacher. In 2014, they made the life-changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles. Their marital journey spanned nine years, during which they were blessed with two daughters.

Bastian Yotta photographed with his girlfriend
Bastian Yotta photographed with his girlfriend

I attempted to gather information about this businessman, but it appears that he has maintained the privacy of his children’s details.

Following several intense seasons, he found himself estranged from his spouse in July 2016. This romantic entanglement became the subject of widespread speculation throughout Amweiaxc, eventually leading to the creation of a documentary titled “Die Yottas.”

Bastian Yotta is dating a new partner after taking divorce from his ex wife

As of current information, Bastian is dating his girlfriend named “my_ life” on Instagram.

15 Random Facts about Bastian Yotta

  • He is a successful entrepreneur who is supposed to spend $100K USD a month for his lavish lifestyle and parties.
  • Yotta loves his pet dog named Luna and even shared an emotional post on Instagram regarding Luna[1].

Luna with his rich master Bastian Yotta

  • This rich man has also a picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger on IG.

Bastian Yotta shared a glimpse with Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • He is used to posting widely on Instagram of their photos. He currently lives in Los Angeles in a 10 room mansion. He is used to be seen as a partying while keeping wild animals in a cage beside his attention.
  • He is also seen to have been busy in Gold’s gym.

Bastian Yotta at Golds gym

  • Bastian Yotta has over 2 million followers on Snapchat. The wealthy entrepreneur also has an amazing fan-following on the IG platform with over 735,000 followers[2].
  • He had been featured in a number of TV shows also. The names of these projects are “Saf 1, breakfast television”, “The fabulous life of Yottas”, and “Die Yottas”.
  • Adam is looking for eve in which he ha down the final prize with a woman named Natalia Osada.
  • But the duo was known to be separated before the end of the show.
  • In 2019, he also featured in a German show called “I am a star, get me out of here “.
  • This show was supposed to be running till January 2020.

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  • In 2020, Bastian was featured in “Celebrities under palm trees”. Bastian Yotta also won this contest.
  • This shows he also published his second book in 2018 that was named “The Yotta Bible”.
  • In his life, Yotta had also produced music and had released in 2018 that was named “Weiter Immer Weiter”.
  • Due to his hard work and perseverance in his career, Bastian Yotta becomes a renowned person in America.

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