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Alexandra Rodriguez is a renowned American actress celebrated for her memorable guest appearance in the critically acclaimed television series “The Newsroom,” created by Aaron Sorkin.

She portrayed the character Corinne in an episode from 2012 titled “News Night 2.0.” Additionally, she achieved a spot in the top 10 during Season 3 of The X Factor TV series.


Chidhood picture of Alexandra Rodriguez
Childhood picture of Alexandra Rodriguez

Born on April 16, 1990, in South Florida, USA, the gifted artist Alexandra Rodriguez turned 30 in 2020. She falls under the Aries zodiac sign, characterized by the fiery element. Aries individuals are known for their positive outlook, honesty, unwavering determination, and strong self-assurance.

There is a lack of information regarding her educational background, as well as any available details about her parents, siblings, or family. She is of Latin ethnicity.

Physical Appearance

Alexandra Rodriguez height weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 5 ft 9 in (179 cm).
  • Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs).
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Personal Life & Relationship

Chase Mckendry with Alexandra Rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez with her boyfriend Chase Mckendry

From a tender age of 2, Alexandra’s passion for her career was unmistakable as she began singing even before she could speak. Her journey in the world of modeling commenced at the remarkable age of 4.

Alexandra Rodriguez is presently in a relationship with her partner Chase McKendry, a prominent actor and producer known for his role in “Ashes.” His latest project, “The Fixer,” has garnered widespread acclaim from movie critics and has achieved an impressive IMDb rating of 9.4.

Acting Career & Net worth

At the age of 23, Alexandra secured her debut opportunity as a participant on the X-Factor. She made her mark during the four-chair challenge round and concluded her journey on the show as one of the top 19 finalists.

This marked the start of her journey into the spotlight, gaining recognition among a diverse audience.

Alexandra Rodriguez at her young age

In 2014, Alexandra Rodriguez made a guest appearance on the Alma Awards under her real name. She also later appeared as a guest in the first episode of the TV series “Zoo” and on “Noches Kon Platanito.”

Alexandra Rodriguez ready to go for her shooting in First Day

The actress experienced a significant career breakthrough when she landed the role of Whitney in the comedy TV series “First Day,” which gained immense popularity during its time, earning an impressive IMDb rating of 8.3. Additionally, she was also featured in the show “The Newsroom,” which aired from 2010 to 2014.

The TV series portrays the awkward aftermath that unfolded in the newsroom following a company employee transfer. It garnered an internet rating of 8.3. In the show, Alexandra went by the name Corinne.

Alexandra Rodriguez looking confident about her performances in The Newsroom

Her portrayal across three episodes of “Hollywood Heights” garnered immense appreciation from her devoted fanbase. Among these episodes, her acting in “A Winner Is Chosen” received particularly high praise.

Alexandra Rodriguez, who portrayed the character Gina Barrios, had a prominent presence in the majority of episodes. This series received a commendable overall rating of seven from the movie broadcasting unit and garnered high praise from viewers’ preferences.

This actress also starred in a short film called “Illegal,” where she played the lead role.

In 2017, Alexandra appeared in the music video “Feelings,” portraying the character Desi. This video was for the hit song “Feelings” by Hayley Kiyoko, which later became the title track of her album “Expectations.” As of 2020, Alexandra Rodriguez’s net worth was estimated at approximately $550,000 US Dollars.

8 Random Facts about Alexandra Rodriguez

  • Alexandra has totally acted for 12 TV series and short films in her career.

Alexandra Rodriguez taking care about her wardrobe

  • This actress is very much fond of her dressings and she has also made a post of them in her IG profile.

Alexandra Rodriguez taking care to her pets

  • She has also shared an outstanding picture of dogs and cats in a single frame. This character also shows her favor in caring for the animals.
  • This actress also posts random pictures with her partner Chase Mckendry on her Instagram account.

Alexandra Rodriguez positing as a brand person to categorise Koral

  • Alexandra Rodriguez is also making the public image s of the fashionwear KORAL.

Alexandra Rodriguez with Mckendry at the baseball ground

  • She is also in much love with sports in a special favor of Baseball.

Alexandra Rodriguez taking care about her phisique by undergoing yoga

  • Alexandra Rodriguez has also hobbies in yoga and takes care of her physique.

Alexandra Rodriguez enjoying with her wine bottles

  • This actress consumes alcohol on an occasional basis.

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