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Alex Tew is a successful entrepreneur who has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals worldwide. In a world filled with distractions and sleep deprivation, many of us struggle to achieve proper rest and maintain a peaceful state of mind. Consequently, we seek effective alternatives to enhance our performance. This British entrepreneur gained fame through the creation of a renowned website focused on promoting calmness and tranquility.


Alex Tew wiki

Alex Tew, the British entrepreneur, was born in Wiltshire, UK, in 1984. As of 2020, he was 34 years old. Alex attended a local school in Wiltshire before enrolling at the University of Nottingham in 2005.

The stream of this living socially active entrepreneur was Business Management in his college days.

Physical Appearance

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  • Height 5 ft 5 inches.
  • Weight 65 kg.
  • Hair color Dark Brown.
  • Eye color Blue.

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Alex Tew at 21
Alex Tew at 21

From his early school days, Alex possessed a strong determination to delve into the workings of his mind. His insatiable curiosity drove him to explore the depths of his consciousness, unlocking the psychological mechanisms that shape the essence of all living beings.

He found it rarely easy, but his success was greatly influenced by his dedication to creating objects that could profoundly impact the lives of others.

Alex Tew analysing about the betterment of the world

Alex Tew, a person of white ethnicity, has always been deeply concerned about improving human lives within unfair and toxic environments. Due to his dedication to this cause, he may not have prioritized his studies as strongly. Unfortunately, specific details regarding his father, mother, and siblings are not publicly available on the internet.

Career & Net worth

Alex Tew after becoming successful

Alex possessed a profound understanding and careful consideration of nurturing and cherishing humanity. His deep desire was to craft remarkable creations that would bring joy to people’s lives. Upon graduating from school, he conceptualized a beatboxing platform. This innovative website allowed users to learn and create their own beats through engaging lessons.

The website was named “Human Beat Boz”. It was founded in 2005.

Alex Tew getting passionate in his work

Prior to enrolling at the University of Nottingham, he created a pixel-generating website with a primary focus on providing consumers with customized, self-made pictures. The website allowed users to select the number of pixels they needed for their specific requirements and required payment based on their chosen pixel count.

In 2005, a website featuring a grid pattern of a million pixels was sold for an astounding $1,037,100 to eBay. This achievement marked a significant milestone for its 21-year-old creator, Alex Tew, and his successful startup venture.

Alex had a brilliant idea to sell pixels at $1 per pixel to the entire USA population, gaining significant recognition on the internet. The website quickly rose to an impressive global Alexa ranking of 127. In just a few days, it attracted a daily visitor count of 1400.

After the massive internet boom, he capitalized on its success by selling all the pixels and launching a new platform called Popjam. This innovative social media business platform allows users to create stunning appearances with amazing graphics. Users can follow and connect with influential individuals, while also enjoying trending games all in one singular platform.

The Million Dollar webpage that was created by Alex Tew at 21 years of age
The Million Dollar webpage that was created by Alex Tew at 21 years of age

In the year of launching the Million-pixel website, the talented entrepreneur also created a similar platform where users could purchase stunning images and seamlessly integrate them into their graphics. This visionary individual went on to develop several other awe-inspiring websites that left a lasting impact on users worldwide.

This 27-year-old entrepreneur has experience both as a product manager and as a worker in a software company. Their expertise lies in transforming innovative ideas and designs into successful online business ventures.

Despite the chaotic atmosphere prevalent in those companies, Alex found himself consistently lacking the peace of mind and adequate sleep required to thrive in such environments. Consequently, in 2012, he made the pivotal choice to leave his position. Subsequently, Tew embarked on the creation of “Calm,” a project that would prove to be remarkably influential and successful.

Alex Tew in founding Calm
Alex Tew is best known for being the founder of Calm

In February 2019, this project garnered immense popularity among consumers worldwide, leading to a substantial user response. The company’s global valuation reached an impressive $1 billion. As of 2020, Alex Tew, the project’s creator, has an estimated net worth of $100 million US dollars.

6 Random Facts about Alex Tew

  • Tew raised $1M money in just 4 months at the age of 21.
  • His first project didn’t earn any profits and he went for a new creation. He was so much entitled to these inventions that he always wanted to create new objects within himself

Alex Tew after founding CALM

  • He is the co-founder of Calm along with Michael Smith
  • He has 2479 followers in his IG profile. [1].
  • Calm is also available in Japanese in spite of English.

Alex Tew with Mark Zuckerberg
Alex Tew photographed with Mark Zuckerberg

  • Alex Tew seems to be inspired by Mark Zuckenberg and he also got a chance to meet the founder of Facebook many years ago.

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