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Shelby Flannery Rosen, normally known as Shelby Flannery is an emerging American actress. The actress is in her 20’s and recognized for her work in the entertainment industry.

Shelby Flannery American actress who is best known for working in movies such as The 100 As They Fade and Schlaf Nicht

Shelby, a lifelong devotee of theatre and drama, has cultivated her passion for the craft since her early years. As a seasoned actress, her performances have left an indelible mark on the hearts of countless admirers. Flannery has earned her acclaim through standout roles in renowned projects like The 100, As They Fade, and Schlaf Nicht.


Shelby, born on September 17, 1995, is an American actress primarily known for her work in American films and television series. She possesses a height of 5’7″ with a well-proportioned physique and carries a weight of around 52 kg.

Shelby Flannery childhood picture
Shelby Flannery childhood picture

Rosen, a Virgo by zodiac sign, aligns with the Earth element. According to astrological insights, her notable strengths include unwavering loyalty, diligent work ethic, and a compassionate nature. Her affection for dogs is evident, as she has cherished them as pets in the past and currently cares for three furry companions with boundless love.

In an interview, Shelby Flannery said dogs are her lifeline and she relishes being a caretaker for her dogs.

Shelby Flannery and her mother Virginia Flannery
Shelby Flannery and her mother Virginia Flannery

One of them goes by the name Bruiser. Shelby is a fan of nutritious meals and frequently shares inspirational quotes and passages from her reading material. The actress is skilled in ballroom, contemporary, and flamenco dance styles.

Shelby Flannery has a dog named Bruiser
Shelby Flannery has a dog named Bruiser

Flannery possesses a strong passion for art, particularly in the realms of crafting and painting. She enjoys the art of collaging, transforming old materials into new creations. Her Instagram feed showcases her talent, featuring a collection of her intricate sketches and paintings.

Regarding her educational background, she earned her most advanced degree, a Master of Fine Arts, from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Prior to that, she pursued her studies at the Actors Studio in New York.

Shelby Flannery photographed during her graduation day
Shelby Flannery photographed during her graduation day

Full Real Name Shelby Flannery Rosen.
Nickname Smelly Bean.
Famous for Working in:
1. The 100 (2014).
2. As They Fade (2010).
3. Schlaf Nicht (2018).
Age 25 Years 8 months (as of May 2021).
Profession Actress.
Date of Birth 17 September 1995.
Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Education Master of Fine Arts.
Alma mater 1. London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
2. Actors Studio in New York.
Net worth (as of 2021) $500K US Dollars (approx.).
Ethnicity White.
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 7″.
In Meters: 1.7 m.
In Centimetres: 170 cm.
Shelby Flannery Height Weight
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 52 kg.
In Pounds: 110 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel.
Hair Color Brown.
Tattoos Yes.
Shelby Flannery has several tattoos on her body
Nationality American.
Religion Christianity.
Zodiac Sign Virgo.
Social Media Handle Instagram: shelby.flannery

Family Details

Shelby Flannery shares a close bond with her father Steve Rosen
Shelby Flannery shares a close bond with her father Steve Rosen

Shelby Flannery proudly possesses American nationality. Although she has been discreet about her family and siblings in various sources, information gleaned from her Instagram account reveals that her mother’s name is ‘Virginia Flannery,’ who prefers to go by ‘Ginny Flannery’ on Instagram with the handle @giniflannery. Her father is known as ‘Steve Rosen,’ and his Instagram handle is @srosen4373.

Shelby Flannery mother Virginia Flannery during her younger days
Shelby Flannery mother Virginia Flannery during her younger days

Shelby definitely has one sibling, and that sibling is four years older than her. Flannery’s sister goes by the name ‘Carly Rae Skager,’ and you can find her on Instagram at carlbae_mpls.

Shelby Flannery and her sister Carly Rae Skager
Shelby Flannery and her sister Carly Rae Skager

She has just welcomed a baby girl into her life, and her family and friends affectionately refer to her as ‘Smelly Bean.’ This cute nickname even graces her Instagram bio. Ginny, in particular, used to playfully call her ‘Dobbie,’ and there’s a humorous story behind this endearing moniker.

Shelby Flannery sister Carly Rae Skager and mother Virginia Flannery

During the ‘Fireside Chat with Jess and Lenny,’ Shelby revealed that her parents had recently separated, and she was currently residing with her father in Minnesota, the hometown of Prince. This video was uploaded on YouTube in May 2020.


Flannery displayed a penchant for drama from a young age, but it wasn’t until Virginia Flannery reached 40 that she finally pursued her passion for acting. Despite her lifelong desire for the stage, she had never mustered the confidence to do so. Shelby, her daughter, often accompanied her to theaters and plays.

Shelby Flannery American Actress

At the tender age of five, the actress embarked on her first professional theatre endeavor, starring as ‘Helen Keller’ in The Miracle Worker alongside ‘Rice.’

With Rice’s steadfast support, Shelby Flannery ascended to perform at esteemed venues like the ‘Guthrie’ and graced community theatres with her presence, maintaining her education in the art of acting at local theaters.

Shelby Flannery while performing sional theatre the miracle worker
The Miracle Worker Scene

Shelby was a spirited child, often known for her chair-flipping antics when with her mom. However, she also acquired a sense of discipline. Flannery pursued drama school after completing high school.

Shelby Flannery Wiki Bio Age

She possesses a strong appetite for learning and thrives in a disciplined setting. She seeks educators who can challenge her while providing a nurturing atmosphere. Her inaugural television appearance was in 2010.

Shelby Flannery performed as Hedda Gabler in a play
Shelby Flannery performed as Hedda Gabler in a play

She played the role of ‘Abby’ in ‘As They Fade’ directed by ‘Jenna Lyng Adams’. It is a poetic story of Abby, a young girl trapped in time.

The next breakthrough in her career was ‘The 100’ an American post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama television series that has seven seasons in total.

Shelby Flannery Wiki Biography

Flannery made a brief appearance in the sixth season but took on the lead role in the seventh season. Instead of being disheartened by the series coming to an end, she wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity that life had presented her.

Shelby Flannery has a Master of Fine Arts degree from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Her role ‘Hope Diyoza’ earned her a tremendous fan base. Her other best work is ‘Nancy’ in the Schlaf Night by ‘AJ Quinn’.

Personal Life

Shelby Flannery and her boyfriend back in 2015

Becoming a star makes it challenging to preserve one’s privacy. While there is limited information available regarding her personal life, there are occasional glimpses into her past relationships, a circle of close friends, and her family.

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Shelby Flannery shared an Instagram story featuring her dear friend, Kelsey Leland (kelso.squishyface), with the caption, “Today marks the birth of the love of my life.”

Shelby Flannery with her close friend Kelso
Shelby Flannery with her close friend Kelsey Leland

These two seem to have a very close connection. Some people have commented ‘wives’ on their posts. Flannery and Amanda Mondale (a model) have too many pictures together.

Shelby Flannery snapped with Amanda Mondale
Shelby Flannery snapped with Amanda Mondale

Amanda was invited to Shelby’s sister’s wedding. At present, Smelly Bean aka Shelby has no boyfriend but there are some old pictures on her Instagram handle with her lover.

Shelby Flannery shared a picture of her boyfriend
Shelby Flannery shared a picture of her boyfriend

In 2015, she was spotted sharing a kiss with her significant other on a public street. Additionally, she posted some pictures with the caption ‘my love,’ but with a different gentleman, leaving uncertainty about whether he was her boyfriend, best friend, or brother.

11 Random Facts about Shelby Flannery

Shelby Flannery enjoys playing guitar
  • Apart from being an actress, Rosen is a very good singer and also a skilled guitarist.
  • Shelby took an online psychology session recently.
  • She spent her quarantine days in an eventful manner. She became self respective and introspective. She even practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis.
Shelby Flannery during her psycology session
  • Shelby Flannery is fond of consignment shopping. 95% of the time she does the same.
  • If not an actress, Shelby would be helping and caretaking old and disabled people.
  • Rosen loves reading, traveling, sketching, and photography.
Shelby Flannery enjoys sketching
  • She is a cycle person and loves to enjoy different weather. She cannot stick to particular weather, for instance, she once told that she can’t live in Los Angeles for a long time because of sameness in weather.
  • Shelby’s celebrity crush is ‘Avril Lavigne’.
  • Flannery loves audiobooks and her favorite audiobooks are from ‘Jim Dales’ he is God to her.
  • Amanda Palmer is her favorite singer.

Shelby Flannery smokes
Shelby Flannery smokes

  • Shelby Flannery has Trypophobia (a fear or disgust of closely packed holes) that generally triggers from broccoli when it’s cut.

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