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Having and driving a car is a responsibility. It is not just about having transportation.

Today, owning a car is not just for personal use. Some people use their vehicles for delivery and transportation for other people, like Uber.

Drivers need to be responsible for driving for the sake of themselves and their customers. Their cars should be maintained and safe to drive.

Another responsibility of drivers or car owners is insurance. It is essential for financial security.

Keeping this in view, we will review Root Auto Insurance covering aspects like features, discounts,  advantages and disadvantages.

Our goal is to provide important information that will help you consider getting auto insurance from this company.

What Is Root Auto Insurance?

Root auto insurance review

There are a lot of auto insurance companies out there so it might get a bit overwhelming for you to decide which one to opt for.

Most car insurance companies rely on the consumer’s demographic information, driving, and credit history to set rates. Root also depends on these, but there is one aspect that keeps it apart from the competitors, i.e the use of driver’s driving skills to set rates. The drivers start with a test drive.

They go in the process of getting a quote for their policy by having a test drive. Root developed an application that helps them to know and track their driving habits for an amount of time.

They use the result of a driving test on the policies that apply to a driver. Drivers then undergo a process before knowing if they pass the test to acquire a policy in Root.

It’s important to note that other auto insurance companies traditionally rely upon one’s driving history and demographic information to know the rates. Some insurance companies also use credit history, but this requirement is not allowed in some states in the US.

Root also uses these requirements to evaluate and accept people applying for their policies, but it doesn’t impact that much. The primary factor for a rate quote is the driving skills and habits during the test drive.

Steps of Applying for an Auto Insurance under Root

There are things needed to be done to be eligible to apply for auto insurance under Root.

  1. Visit their site or app.
  2. The next step is to get  the quote.
  3. When the app starts accessing their smartphone’s GPS, the app can track and measure the driving habits and behaviors of the applicant.
  4. After completing the evaluation period or the test drive, Root will send a confirmation message.

The things that the app can track

The following are the things that the app can measure:

  1. Speed
  2. Turn Speed
  3. Times of the day when an applicant drives
  4. The smoothness of the ride
  5. Braking force

Their app can know if a person is just a passenger using machine learning so that it case of emergencies they are not penalized because of the driver.

Through the same app, Root can identify who’s a high-risk driver. So, if an applicant is qualified for a quote based on their driving behaviors, it is suitable for drivers.

They are eligible for lower premiums. Root can provide qualified applicants a lower premium because they eliminate bad drivers in their customer base.

Root Auto Insurance: The Coverage and Options

Root provides the standard coverage options. It includes state-required coverage and comprehensive packages.

Other than these, Root also offers the following:

    1.  Roadside Assistance – This includes Root policies with no extra charge. Most of the insurers provide a month’s worth of roadside assistance or just per-use for a fee.
    2. They also cover three incidents every six-month policy term. The coverage of Root can be maxed at $100 per incident.
  1. Rideshare options for rental coverage – Many insurers provide rental reimbursement coverage that will pay for the rental. That can happen while the car is still being repaired because of the wreck.
  2. Root also uses this coverage, but it is more flexible. It allows people to get a reimbursement for the ride.
  3. Lyft on Us – This ride-sharing application offers Root’s subscribers free Lyft rides during holidays.
  •  It can be New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, or St. Patrick’s Day, they have it covered for you.
  • This benefit does not apply to the people who are living in North Dakota.
  • SR-22 Availability – A SR-22 form is a certificate wherein you can file your state that confirms your coverage. An applicant can get this through the Root application, like most of their interaction.

Discounts in Root Auto Insurance

Root has a list of special pricing, which IS why it doesn’t offer promos that the other insurance providers do. The price of their products are super low; drivers and applicants won’t even need a discount.

However, there are two that a driver can acquire:

  1. There’s up to 10% off in the driver’s rates if they don’t use their phone while driving.
  2. There’s a discount called “Autosteer.” The Autosteer discount is for Tesla car owners who use and rely on its automated steering feature.

Your Should Also Know!

Here is some additional information about Root:

    1. In 2018, Root got the highest complaints as compared to other auto insurance providers of the same business size.
    2. Root’s insurance policies are all based on their mobile application.
  1. Policyholders can see their ID cards, policy documents, pay bills, manage claims, request roadside assistance, etc., through this app.
  2. In this app, a policyholder can also change their policy and ask for a SR-22 form.
  3. Root’s mobile application also has high ratings in the Google play store and Apple app store.
  4. Root also has their website wherein they have FAQs, blog articles, and other essential materials.
  5. Anyone can start signing up for their website but will finish the process through the application.

Pros of Roots Insurance

  1. They will give rates wholly based on the driver’s driving behavior.
  2. They give low rates because of their low-risk customer base.
  3. Policyholders can see transparency in their information in the applications.
  4. Their mobile application has excellent functionality.
  5. Drivers can download the SR-22 forms anytime through the application.
  6.  They reward good drivers because their behavior is the main factor in their demographics.
  7. There’s roadside assistance included.
  8. Everything needed can be accessed through their mobile application and you don’t need to interact with a person.

Cons of Roots Insurance

  1. The policy coverage is geographically bound.
  2.  The Root is more likely to reject a driver for coverage as compared to its competitors.

Quote Process and Test Drive for Root Insurance

Root auto insurance

Most of the things needed in Root are accessible in their mobile application.

An applicant can get a quote by choosing to opt-in to the mobile application. That jumpstarts the tracking period.

The applicant can also monitor or track their score by looking at the “Driver Scorecard” part of the application. The application will also give the driver tips to improve his/her score.

Additionally, there will be a four-week monitoring period. Usually, the average monitoring week is three weeks.

The applicants can also see how long they are needed to complete their test drive. Some applicants claimed that they got their quote for a week or two.

Still, it depends on how much the applicant drives during the test-drive period. The mobile application can tell the driver’s driving behavior and who the passenger is.

Final Thoughts

Root Insurance is an insurance company that offers a lot for their potential consumers. They have a fair and transparent application process.

They provide low premium rates for good drivers and impressive benefits. Root’s auto insurance may have a careful screening process for their applicants, because it focuses a great deal on testing the applicant’s behavior.

Overall, drivers can depend on the rates and services of Root Insurance.

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