Maesi Caes Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

Maesi Caes is a highly acclaimed American dancer who has garnered immense recognition in her field. Her name gained widespread publicity when she showcased her remarkable talent on the renowned reality show, America’s Got Talent.


Maesi Caes, a rising star in the dancing world, was born on March 18, 2005, in Iowa, USA. Having recently celebrated her 15th birthday, she has already made a significant impact in the dance community. Maesi Caes began her education at a local school in Iowa and has been dedicated to her studies ever since.

Her zodiac sign at birth is Pieces, which depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing the contrast between reality and fantasy that often confuses us in an unreal world.

Maesi Caes wiki and biography

It is the last constellation of the zodiac which is governed by Neptune that treated the users with uttermost creativity and deep emotions.

Maesi was born in America in 2005, during the time when Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on certain parts of the country. This storm presented a significant challenge to a vast portion of the US economy and caused extensive destruction. However, in Iowa, the hurricane had a milder impact, and Maesi was born without experiencing any discomfort or issues.

Maesi Caes in her teenager age as a dancer

During her early years, this dancer’s passion for dancing flourished under the influence of her mother and sister. In addition to her academic responsibilities, she devoted her time to assisting her family in their dancing endeavors, while also taking on backstage roles in various studios.

Physical Appearance

Maesi Caes physical appearance

  • Height: 5 ft 1 in (155 cm).
  • Weight: 35 kg (77.1 lbs).
  • Hair color: Blonde.
  • Eye color Dark Brown.
  • Body Type: Petite.


Maesi Caes with her sister Maddie Caes
Maesi Caes with her sister Maddie Caes

Maesi Caes hails from a family with a dancing background. Her father, John Caes, and her mother, Jaime Caes, both have a passion for dance. Within her family, Maesi has two siblings, namely her sister, Maddie Caes, and her brother, John Caes.

This teenager has got her ethnicity as white in nature.

Personal Life

Maesi Caes with her boyfriend Alex

Starting in 2018, Maesi began embracing her love life and entered into a relationship with her boyfriend, Alex, who happens to be a baseball player. Despite being a teenage reality star, Maesi has always been transparent about her relationship and avoids any secretive behavior that could generate curiosity among the public.

Maesi Caes openly celebrated her partner’s togetherness for a period of seven months on her social media accounts. The partner in question is associated with the Willson Contreras baseball club. However, their connection is currently on hold, and there have been no reports of any violence thus far.

Dancing Career & Net worth

Maesi Caes in winning the Hall of Fame award

From a young age, while her peers were engrossed in fantasy worlds, Maesi embarked on a journey of dance, inheriting her family’s natural talent. She found herself enrolled at Becky Nelevanko’s Dance and Tumbling studio, where she honed her skills and developed the distinctive dance moves that would define her career in the years to come.

Her career took off when she appeared on the reality show Dance Moms alongside her mother. At that time, she was also showcased as a silhouette, mimicking her mom’s movements by gracefully moving her legs. This opportunity on Dance Moms marked the beginning of Maesi Caes’ journey in the world of dance.

Maesi Caes in her first show as Dance Moms

At the young age of 10, this American citizen has adjudged the Hall Of Fame inductee due to her adorable dancing styles, and therefore it made the first boom to her career.

Apart from receiving this prestigious accolade, she also achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Grand National Championship twice. This esteemed competition entails dancers showcasing their unique ballroom dance styles, which they submit through the official website. The National Dance Council of America verifies the submissions for authenticity and excellence.

Maesi Caes in Americas Got Talent

Furthermore, she participated in the prestigious levels of Americas Got Talent, where her exceptional dancing skills earned her a remarkable $1 million cash reward. Americas Got Talent is essentially a talent show that requires participants to demonstrate their unique abilities within their respective domains.

This program showcases remarkable performances in singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments that leave the judges in awe. It has evolved over numerous successful seasons and boasts an impressive rating of 5.4 on IMDb.

Maesi Caes in grace of her dancing career

In the show “Little Big Shots,” Maesi Caes, at the age of 6, showcased her dancing skills alongside a talented 9-year-old piano player. This particular episode of the show has garnered a rating of 7.3 on IMDb. Presently, Maesi Caes is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000 USD.

11 Random Facts about Maesi Caes

  • She used to give various types of challenges on her IG platform to her followers.

Maesi Caes dancing underwater

  • This dancer also knows swimming and tries dancing in the water body too.
  • Maesi likes to eat fruit salads as her favorite dishes.

Maesi Caes in her unique steps in dancing

  • She also likes to show special gymnastic postures on skating platforms as well.

Maesi Caes promoting Tancity membership in IG

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  • The dancer also promotes Tancity membership in her profile.
  • This teenager also cares about her pets and also has a dog.
Maesi Caes as a dance taecher in Becky Nelevankos dance
Maesi Caes as a dance teacher in Becky Nelevanko’s dance
  • She also teaches at Becky Nelevanko’s Dance academy.
  • She is also fond of sports cars.
  • Maesi also promotes several garments namely Ilogear in her IG platform.

Maesi Caes Youtube channel

  • This talented dancer also has a YouTube channel where she showcases her dancing skills.

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