5 Ways Cameras Can Help You Obtain Better Fleet Insurance

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Have you been considering upgrading your fleet vehicles with some cutting-edge technology? If you have, you must know that there are multiple factors that you need to consider, right from the features that suit you and your company, to the costs, along with maintenance and upkeep.

However, there is one factor most businessmen forget to consider, which is the insurance. In case of an unforeseen circumstance, it is always advised to be safe and get your business insured. In that case, it is also important to know which technological equipment will help you better during these circumstances.

And the answer is almost always cameras. They are one of the most trusted ways of keeping information and data safe and reliable at the same time. Here are some ways of using them that can help your fleet:

1. Surveillance

There are cameras that are very small and can be installed inside the vehicle so as to get a clear view of the driver. Dashcams or nanny cams are used by a lot of fleets, and as the name suggests, they are placed strategically near the dashboard so as to get a full view of the vehicle.

These cameras are one of the most advanced ones, and when integrated with other well-equipped devices, they can work wonders for you. They help monitor the status of the vehicle and all the activities the driver is doing while in there, hence keeping distracted driving at bay. This makes it easy to communicate with them and guide them through any issues that are happening.

Dashcams are great sources of proof when it comes to claiming insurance in case of an accident or loss. Having footage of the incident gives strong backing to your claims and makes recovery easy.

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2. Cost Efficiency

We all are aware of how arduous the process of recovering insurance is, and while compensation always ends up coming in genuine cases, it might take some time. Till then, if you have the support of cameras that provide actual footage of the incident, it can be very easy to obtain this compensation.

These cameras are extremely cost-efficient and can help the company in difficult times. It is an investment that will yield results in the long run. Having a business that is profitable and cost-saving at the same is essential to survive in this market. This is exactly where the cameras step in. They are an amazing one-time investment, and if their upkeep is done well and diligently, they can be amazing insurance covers too.

3. Helps With Data

Claiming insurance compensations has one very important element – data. Be it in the form of location, speed, time, or any component of the accident or injury that can help clarify the situation in a better way.

These cameras and equipment that use AI are extremely helpful with the same. Right from maintaining scorecards and showing trend reports to coaching workflows, these AI-based solutions make the whole process of redeeming insurance money much easier. All of this data is saved on the cloud and is very accessible.


The data is available in a detailed form that states the exact whereabouts of the truck when the incident took place. This helps ascertain the situation better and accordingly decide on compensation. This can work very well in the customer’s favor and help redeem money faster. Data in such circumstances is very important and can help change the situation altogether.

4. Helps Uncover Situations

With things like cameras and fleet trackers, it becomes very easy for investigators to gauge the situation and come to a conclusion accordingly. If there is no proof, there can be a lot of conjecture about how the incident took place, and it might take longer for any sort of money to come in.

With the use of cameras, there is a certain sense of security that a company gets and speeds up the whole process. This will also help you surveil your drivers better and ensure truck safety. This means that not only can you avoid any accidents, but also maintain constant communication with your drivers.

Any unusual events are picked up by the cameras and essentially help avoid anything fatal. This technology is not great only in terms of recovering insurance, but also in avoiding these accidents in the first place.

5. Other Safety Devices

Besides cameras, you can also opt for vehicular gateways that act as sensors for any sudden movements or unexpected stops that have been taken on the way. These gateways are small devices that can be installed near the dashboard and can send updates to the main office periodically.

Apart from this, there are various satellite-based GPS trackers that you can install in each vehicle of your fleet and track in real-time the progress of your driver. This helps you alert the people concerned if something goes wrong, and the situation can be dealt with immediately. This immediate updating of events is the strongest suit of a live tracker.

However, if this does not suit your requirements and you can make do with something not this advanced, you can install a tracker in your truck, and while the truck is on the road, all of the data is fed into this tracker. After this, you can connect the tracker with a device like a computer or a laptop and view the entire activity of your fleet later. This does not provide real-time updates, but it does the work for most small businesses. It is always beneficial to look into these devices and see what works best for you, cost-wise, and feature-wise too.

Wrapping up!

Having cameras in each vehicle of your fleet is now commonplace and is being adopted by more and more companies as time progresses. This is not just to help companies sustain competition, but also to make the job easier to manage and operate.

It is necessary to stay updated with all of these developments in the fields because using obsolete technology will get your company nowhere and eventually make it very difficult for your venture to survive. In businesses like these, time also plays a very crucial role, and any delays can cost you a fortune.

In such cases, having trackers and technology like this can prove to be every penny’s worth and render the return on investment that your business requires.

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